Feywood Grove

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Homesteading Skills!

We are so excited to be offering the following courses in 2019!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to learn how to register for our workshops!

Raised Bed Gardening

April 2019

In this workshop we will build an 8 by 4 foot raised bed together from locally sawn lumber and demonstrate how best to cite, fill, and plant the raised bed for continual harvest throughout the season.  Each participant will get a chance to create their own individual raised bed planting design & have opportunities to discuss the best way to incorporate raised bed gardening into their own home or community setting.

Cheesemaking - Level One

May 2019

In this workshop, you will learn to make soft cheeses through hands on experience making, fromage blanc, ricotta, and mozzarella.  We will also discuss other easy to make cheeses that you can make either from store-bought milk or your own farm-fresh milk.  

Milking on the Homestead

June 2019

Are you interested in adding a dairy animal to your homestead?  Not sure where to start?  In this workshop, you will get to meet our dairy animals as we discuss the requirements and benefits of different dairy animals.  You will learn about their housing & feeding needs, milking equipment, safe milk handling & storage techniques, and what to do with all the milk once you get started!

Tree Identification & Care on the Homestead

June 2019

We will go for a hike into the forest around our homestead and discuss techniques for identifying trees that may be helpful in foraging, maple syrup production, mushroom cultivation, lumber harvesting, and end our hike with a walk through our young orchard and a discussion on the best practices for keeping fruit & nut trees in the maritimes.

Keeping Goats

July 2019

This workshop focuses on the specifics of keeping goats in the maritimes.  You will learn what varieties of goats are used for what purposes, how to decide on what goat(s) to purchase, what kind of housing and fencing you will need for keeping goats, how to utilize goats for forest & field maintenance, what to have in your emergency supplies for helping birthing goats and treating common health concerns & and a bit about the benefits of milking goats!

We be Jamming!

August 2019

Focusing on local berries, we will be crafting up batches of yummy fruit jams.  We will talk about the equipment you need, finding reliable recipes, the different pectins that can be used, and how to keep your home-made jams safe & yummy for the coming seasons.

Pickles, Pickles, Pickles

September 2019

September is the time of plenty in Cape Breton with our local gardens producing so much extra, it is a perfect time of year to get pickling!  We will discuss natural ferments, as well as vinegar pickles, sweet pickles, and pickling beyond the lovely cucumber.

Foraging in Cape Breton

September 2019

We will take you on a hike through our forests and fields to discover the bounty that can be found on wild lands.  Emphasis will be given to food plants, but we will discover some medicinals as well!

Chicken Care

October 2019

Interested in chickens?  Whether you want a few to scratch around the back yard or a whole flock, we will introduce you to their care needs, rotational grazing, and ways to protect your free-rangers from predators.

Home Curing Pork

November 2019

We will discuss traditional methods of curing meats using dry salting & salt brines and wood smoking.  We will cure pork belly into bacon, ham loins into back bacon, and "green" ham into cured ham steaks.   


November 2019

In this hands-on workshop we will turn ground pork into an array of different fresh sausages and explore the different options for sausage casings, as well as cooking & smoking methods.