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Feywood Grove is owned and operated by Joseph Parish & Demmarest Haney, a husband and wife team who strive to combine their love of beauty & nature with the environmental stewardship that informs their approaches to both farming and art. With the addition of two young children to the family farm, Joseph has taken responsibility for most barn related chores, which includes animal husbandry and milking. Demmarest's focus on the farm has shifted to garden care and food production & preservation. When not busy with farm & family life, Demmarest loves spending time in the studio producing pottery and fiber arts. Demmarest's art focuses on the magic of transforming natural supplies, such as clay, wool, cotton, and leather into functional and beautiful pieces inspired by the natural world.

Our Promise

Environmental Stewardship, organic principles, heritage, and craftsmanship are important to us. We promise to hold these principles central to our farm and studio production because we know they are important to you too.

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